Love Found Series Open Submission

We are currently accepting novellas for our Love Found Series

Love Found Series: 20k word Contemporary or Historical Stories can take place anywhere at anytime… Titles should be such as ( Love Found in, Love Found on, Love Found at, Love Found by )   Christian or squeaky clean romance or mystery with a romantic twist.

We would especially like stories we can put out for Holidays in the Love Found Series.  (Masquerade? Under the Harvest Moon? On Christmas Eve?)

Send us a one page synopsis and the first page of the story. We answer very quickly.


Open Submissions

Submissions for your stand alone novels or novellas books are always welcome. 

If you have a Christian romance or mystery with a romantic twist… send us a short proposal. If you want to try  writing for one of our series or collections read below for what we are looking for.

Love Found Series:   20k to 40 k word Contemporary or Historical Stories can take place anywhere…. but titles should be such as ( Love Found in Manhattan, Love Found on the Kissing Bridge, Love Found at a Masquerade…..etc.)   Christian or squeaky clean romance or mystery with a romantic twist.  These are stand alone books. (Open Submission ) 

We would especially like stories we can put out for Fall or Christmas in the Love Found Series.  Would need them completed by September 1 so they can be published by October 1 at the latest.  (Masquerade? Under the Harvest Moon?)

Floral Inn Collection: 20K to 30K words.  Contemporary or Historical Christian Romance or mystery with a twist that take place in a Bed and Breakfast.  The Bed and Breakfast should be named after a flower and that flower should run through the theme.  Title will use the word INN.   Example:  Blue Bonnet INN.   To be published March 1 2017.  Completed manuscripts due by January 1, 2017.  (ask first as we have several flowers covered)

Harvey House Brides Collection: 20k to 30K words. Historical Christian or squeaky clean romance that includes a girl who becomes a Harvey House Waitress as the main theme. To be published April  1, 2017. Completed manuscripts due by February 1, 2017.

Pony Express Collection: 20k Historical Romance . Stories not about the Pony Express riders, but about women who worked or lived at the forts or Pony Express stations.  They do not need to fall in love with Pony Express riders, because the truth is, most of the riders were young boys.

We are interested in Christmas, Orphan Train Bride, Mail Order Bride, Amish Brides, and Mystery with a romantic twist. They do not have to be part of our series.

If you have another story line in mind that doesn’t fit any of the categories listed above, feel free to send a one page proposal.


Open Submission Love Found Christmas

We are open to submissions for our Love Found series.  These 20,000 word novellas begin as stand alone books, but we want to put a series of Christmas ones together as a collection this year.  So send a one page proposal and first two pages of the story to

Titles such as (you can even use one of these)

Love Found At Christmas Time

Love Found on Christmas Eve

Love Found in  Christmas Town



Snow Globe Christmas


We are so excited to open submissions for our Snow Globe Christmas Collection.

These novellas should be20K to 30K words. The story should be about a contemporary character who magically enters into a snow globe world (old fashioned of some sort) and finds true love during the Christmas Season. This needs to be Christian romance.  The novellas will be published by  September 1, 2016 to catch the Christmas readers. Completed manuscripts will be due by August 1, 2016. (Submissions due by April 30, 2016)

See our What to Submit and How to Submit page.  But please send a short proposal as soon as possible.